Why Should I Learn An Easy Student Concerto?


Really....why? Why should I learn an easy violin concerto?

My teacher keeps telling me: 'Max, you need to practice a student concerto too, beside scales, etudes and Star Wars Oskar RiedingFerdinand KüchlerFritz SeitzLeo Portnoff wrote exciting concertos and concertinos for the violin. You will enjoy playing them and learn a lot! They have beautiful melodies and with every new concerto you will learn new skills.'

OK....I replied. I started my first concertino: Ferdinand Küchler violin concertino in G, op.11. And you know what? My teacher was right! I really enjoyed playing this concertino and I did learn a lot! 

The concertino is super cool. I love especially the 2nd melody in the first movement, really beautiful but at the same time have to play with my bow correctly.  It's really a lesson how to play a beautiful song on the violin!

So what did I learn with my first concertino? I learnt that I will...

  1. Ferdinanf Küchler Concertino in G, op.11improve my violin technique
  2. develop my musicality
  3. learn how to use the bow correctly
  4. learn to play it with the orchestra - that's a super wow!
  5. build my self-confidence

That's a lot, isn't it? And with each concerto new skills, new great music. Am really happy! I love the violin, and if I can become a good violinist that's pretty cool, isn't it?

Well, I'm off to my concertino, practicing now the 3rd movement of the concertino. What will I learn today?

Big Love,