Why play the easy violin concertos?

Let's Play Concertos - easy violin concertos

The Violin Concerto Challenge

Exactly a year ago I gave my students to study their first violin concerto. They looked at me sceptically asking 'Can I play this?' Up to that moment they were playing easy pieces up to one page long so this was now a big challenge. I told them 'Of course you can play. It will take longer to learn than the pieces you have previously played, but you will see a big improvement in your violin playing'. Hmm, was their reply.

We started the violin concerto project in March 2013 with the goal of playing the concertos in public in autumn. I gave them the first concertos written by Oskar Rieding and Ferdinand Küchler. An unbelievable transformation took place within these months. Those that didn't practice started practicing, who lacked or lost enthusiasm regained it. I sensed discpline, commitment, enthusiasm, inspiration and a new, discovered love for the violin. Violin playing became 'cool'!

The Let's Play Concertos Release Concert

On October 10 at the LPC release concert the kids played the concertos confidently, proud and were very happy. The big question was: We had a goal to play the concertos in public, but what now? There are no scheduled concertos till June so will the children be motivated to continue at the same pace? 

The answer is YES! Since October they have each mastered one concerto and are now starting a new one. I asked if they would like to take a break and play something else. NO was the response - 'we want a new concerto!' 

Why are they so enthusiastic? The answer is simple: by studying the easy violin concertos the students realized they became far better violinists than if they played songs. Their newly acquired technical and music skills gave them satisfaction and pleasure and the thought that they are playing something so important as 'violin concertos' boosted their self-confidence.

What concerto will you play next?