PlayAlong A Concerto With Your iPad?

Let's Play Concertos app

I was preparing the Mendelssohn violin concerto for my first performance with the orchestra. I was 17 and it was the most exciting thing to happen to me. A dream come true. I will play a violin concerto with the orchestra!!! I already performed the Medelssohn concerto several times at school with my sister Ivana acompanying me at the piano but playing with an orchestra was something special.

My dad, the curious music lover was trying to find ways to ensure that my first orchestra performance is a success. 'It would be great if you could have a few more rehearsals with the orchestra'  he kept repeating. I agreed. But how?

The following week he returned from London from a business trip with a gift for me. It was a CD with the Mendelssohn concerto orchestra playalong! 'Wow, that is great - I'll start practicing with it immediately!' 

I enjoyed practicing with the CD, it helped me a lot. It prepared me well to 'hear' the orchestra before I actually had my first rehearsal. But there were a few sidebacks to it. There was only one tempo so I had to adjust to the tempo on the CD. If I got lost I had to start from the beginning.

Needless to say, this story took place a long time ago, when the idea of an iPhone or iPad was only a dream.

But I did then make one very important decision. If a way comes to be I will make it possible for violinists to play at home with the orchestra!

I kept my promise. Thanks to the tehnological developement in the past years, in 2014 I launched the first Let's Play Concertos orchestra playalong app with 5 easy violin concertos by Oskar Rieding and Ferdinand Küchler. In September 2015, an updated version was released with new concertos by Fritz Seitz, Leo Portnoff and Ivan Mane Jarnovic. We included arrangements of a number of concertos for viola, cello, flute and clarinet

Playing at home with the orchestra was no longer a dream, but a reality.

What are the benefits of playing a concerto with your iPad?

A number of my students are playing an easy violin concerto with the Let's Play Concertos app on their iPads. As a violin teacher I was initially quite surprised by the immediate results. Most important fact being one week of practicing with the app produced better intonation and steady rhythm. My job as a violin teacher became so much easier!

Fabulous features as the flexible metronome and touch and play screeen facilitate practicing. Adjust the speed to your level, play fro

Getting ready for my iPad performance!

m any point you want to. Such a difference from the CD orchestra playalong I had!

A few good reasons to playalong wth your iPad:

  1. Improve your intonation
  2. Develop your rhythm
  3. Improve your listening skills
  4. Listen to a rich harmonic background
  5. Have a deeper appreciation of the music
  6. Enjoy the special concert experience
  7. Understand the 'whole picture'
  8. Build self confidence
  9. Have fun!

I wish I had had the opportunity to play at home with the orchestra and have so much fun at the same time.

Now I secretly do. I take out my violin, open the iPad and play a concert for myself! 

Do it yourself! Download our free app and experience 'your orchestra in your pocket'! You'll love it!



Founder of Let's Play Concertos, violin performer and teacher