Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto You Will Love

We all know Oskar Rieding's popular B minor, op.35 easy violin concerto. However another Rieding concerto especially catches my attention and heart. It's the violin concerto in D major, op.36! Slightly less known than the op.35, it is a heartwarming delightful concerto. 

Oskar Rieding, together with Ferdinand Küchler, Leo Portnoff and Ferdinand Seitz wrote a number of amazing easy violin concertos to which the Rieding Concerto in D, op.36 certainly belongs.

The concerto tells us a beautiful story in 3 fast - slow - fast alternating movements. It is written in the 1st position so young beginner violinists can tackle this concerto in their early years.

The first movement Allegro moderato is a joyful one which starts with a grand opening tune, followed by a sweet, enchanting 2nd one. The music brings us to sweet, magical 19th century Vienna . 

The Andante is a majestic piece of music, you might think that it was written by Gustav Mahler and not Oskar Rieding. It is one of the most profound movements of an easy violin concerto, peaceful and tranquill. Wonderful music to listen to after a hard days work!

What a joyful conclusion to the concerto! The Allegro is written in the form of a Rondo, a music form with a main theme alternating between contrasting themes. The exciting music will find a way to your heart The main tune is very catchy so you will be humming it all day long!

Whether you are a beginner violinist, teacher or music lover am sure you will enjoy playing and listening to this beautiful music piece!


What can a young violinist learn playing this concerto?

  1. Good 1st position left hand techinque
  2. Phrasing
  3. Develop sense of rhythm
  4. Music form
  5. Self confidence


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Oskar Rieding Concerto in D, op.36 I. Allegro moderato

Oskar Rieding Concerto in D, op.36 II. Andante

Oskar Rieding Concerto in D, op.36 III. Allegro

Performers are Bibi Pelić, violin and the Atlantis Orchestra Prague conducted by Vitêzslav Podrazil.


Or Playing the Concerto with Max's Virtual Orchestra...

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