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Hi Everybody!

I am Max the Ant Violinist and welcome to the world of VIOLIN CONCERTOS!

When I was a beginner violinist I was so excited when my teacher told me one day ‘Max, today we will start working on a violin concerto’. Wow, I thought, that must be something great, this sounds exciting! Recollecting now, that day was the start of my serious violin studies and began making big steps forward. I played around a dozen of these concertos, with each one improving my technical and musical skills. These concertos were a great motivation and inspiration for me and kept me practicing and practicing!

Let's Play Concertos Easy Concerto Album

On this 1st CD you will find concertos written by Oskar Rieding (German violinist and music therapist, 1840 – 1918) and Ferdinand Küchler (German violinist and violist, 1867 – 1937). The concertos in B minor,op.35 and D major,op.36 by Rieding, G major, op.11 by Küchler belong to the very first concertos we play, written in the 1st position with beautiful melodies and joyful, lively rhythms. The perfect music to start your violin concerto studies!

For those of you learning to master the 3rd position the two delightful concertinos are for you. The concertino in the style of Vivaldi’ by Ferdinand Küchler introduces you to the Baroque playing style. Check out the accompanying harpsichord in the recording!

Oskar Rieding’s Concertino ‘in Hungarian Style’ is your first virtuoso concerto. Longer, more difficult virtuoso passages, czardas rhythms will tremendously improve your technical skills and make you a star violinist!

The orchestra arrangements were made especially for this CD. I myself have tackled the violin part, bringing back memories of my first violin years.

It has been a great joy making this CD and I hope that not only will it bring joy to you but also enhance and inspire your violin studies.

Playalong with Max's Virtual Orchestra

Be the Soloist yourself and playlong the concertos with Max's Virtual Orchestra! All the concertos are available with mp3 orchestra backup tracks.  

You can also playalong with the LPC app on your iPad.

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Lots of success with your violin studies!


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