Fritz Seitz - the Schülerkonzerte

Fritz Seitz

The easy violin concertos by Fritz Seitz are a great discovery for me! I have played till now a number of easy violin concertos by Oskar Rieding and Ferdinand Küchler, but was surprised when my teacher gave me a new concerto by a composer I never heard of!

Seitz’s violin concertos are wonderful! Beautiful, attractive and very energetic. Love it! But who is Fritz Seitz? What do we know about him?


Fritz Seitz

Fritz (Friedrich) Seitz (12 June 1848 – 22 May 1918) was was born in Thuringia, Germany. He devoted his life to the violin, as a performing violinist, teacher and composer. He wrote 8 violin student concertos of which 2 are very popular to this day. As a violinist he became concertmaster in Magdeburg and later in 1884 he was the "Hofkonzertmeister" (conductor of the court orchestra) at Dessau. Seitz wrote a number of chamber music works.

An interesting fact is his first violin teacher was Karl Wilhelm Uhlrich in Sondershausen, Germany whose daughter he later married! 


Schülerkonzerte - Student Concertos

Seitz is of course most known for his violin teaching and his Schülerkonzerte (student concertos). These concertos introduce the young violin student to 19th century Romantic music and violin concerto technique. It is a good preparation for the Accolaÿ and more difficult romantic concertos.

It is important for us to keep Fritz Seitz’s student concertos part of the teaching repertoire!


What makes these easy violin concertos special?

We can identify a number of reasons. Here are the top 5:
  1. Learn technical and musical skills played in romantic concertos.
  2. With each new concerto students learn new left and right hand technique.
  3. Phrasing - Seitz concertos are very romantic so the student learns to master romantic phrasing and way of playing. 
  4. Music form - Concerto movements are short and full of variety. The student is introduced to looser music forms. 
  5. Builds self-confidence Seitz's concertos demands a higher set of technical and musical skills. Mastering these concertos boosts self-confidence as the student knows he/she has accomplished something that not everybody can.


Concerto recommendations

Here are the Seitz concertos every aspiring young violin student should play. Concertos are available as playalongs with Max’s Virtual Orchestra

Violin Concerto no.2, op.13 in G major

Violin Concerto no.5, op.22 in D major



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What is your next Seitz concerto?
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