Ferdinand Küchler: Concertino in D major in the style of Vivaldi Op.15

I love playing the easy violin concertino by Ferdinand Küchler. When I first started to practice it, I thought 'this is easy, I will learn to play it quickly'. Was I wrong! 

It took me time to practice the difficult passages in the 1st movment, get the 'mood' in the 2nd and play the 3rd movement as an energetic dance which doesn't leave a moment to rest! 

Max's Revised Music Edition: Küchler violin concertino in D major, Op.15

I am happy now I had patience and persverence to master this concertino. It taught me a lot.

Few reasons to study this concertino:

  • My bow technique improved, especially as I had to recall the Baroque way of playing as to play 'in the style of Vivaldi'
  • I improved my intonation
  • Got more self confidence in playing the 3rd position
  • Helped develop my sense of rhythm 
  • A good introduction to the Vivaldi violin concertos
  • Developed my musicality
  • Learnt about music form


I highly recommend you to study this concertino. Get Max's Revised Edition - the music notes are accompanied by my suggestions and tips on how to practice based on my experience. It will facilitate your study and open you to new ideas regarding practice. 

It's also a beautiful concertino to listen to. A lot of my friends told me they enjoy listening to it as background music.

Why not play it now?