Ferdinand Küchler: Beginners can play concertos too!

Ferdinand Küchler

For all those of you who have just started to play the violin, this is the composer to watch out for! 

Easy Violin Concertos

Of course, Ferdinand Küchler is a well-known name for all violin teachers and their young pupils (and the not so young!). Küchler, like fellow violin teacher Oskar Rieding, gives all beginners of violin studies something really nice to play, not just scales and etudes but real concertos! His Concertino in D major in the Style of Vivaldi, Op.15 and the Concertino in G major Op.11 are not only instructive, but true to form and style, at the same time giving the beginner a real sense of achievement in that he or she is able to experience the joy in playing a substantial piece of music, (and not just four or five lines, a page at most, of a song). And both concertinos are delightful to listen to!


Ferdinand Küchler was a German pedagogue and composer of instructive violin music. The list of his works is quite impressive, including a Course of Violin Instruction in two volumes, which was, until recently, the base of violin studies. He also wrote books on violin technique, small pieces for the violin and the concertinos.

After finishing his violin studies in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Küchler's first position was as principal violist of the Symphony Orchestra in Basel. He also played the viola in a quartet and worked as a choral conductor but his true vocation was as a violin teacher. He taught the violin in two higher seats of learning in Germany: the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt and the State Conservatory of Leipzig.

Ferdinand Küchler Concertino in D, op.12

Concerto recommendations

Here are a number of Küchler concertos every aspiring young violin student should play. Together with Oskar Rieding's concertos they form a crucial part of the young violinist's study. Most of the concertos are available to playalong with Max's Virtual Orchestra!

Concertino in G minor for violin and orchestra, op.11

Concertino in D major for violin and orchestra, op.12

Concertino in D major for violin and orchestra, op.15 'in the style of Vivaldi'

Last, but not least arrangements of selected Küchler concertinos are available for flute and clarinet!

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What is your next Küchler concertino?