Do I need to practice during the weekend?

Max is dreaming!

Hmm...the eternal question!

I always thought weekends are to sleep in late, relax, play football, do nothing! Apparently not!

My violin lesson is on Monday so I have a problem! Last week my violin teacher asked me 'Max, did you practice during the weekend?' Nooooo...I answered. I was busy! On Saturday I played football with my friends, then in the afternoon went to a friend's birthday. On Sunday I got up late and then went with my parents to my aunt and uncle for lunch. That lasted forever!!!! So of course, I didn't have time to practice.

I am now learning an Oskar Rieding concerto. It's really cool, but I do have problems with the fast passages. Need to practice it slowly with the meteronome until I don't have it correct. Christmas concert is coming that means I need to practice every day, and that means EVERY DAY! Weekends too!

Max is troubled!

My violin teacher tells me 'Max, practice the difficult passages 10 minutes every day and in a week you will know it'. 

With heavy heart I'll listen to my teacher. Will let you know if he is right!

Do you practice during the weekend?

Big Love, heart