Are you ready to perform with the orchestra?

Jian is my very talented violin student. At the age of 10 he possesses a beautiful sound and a very good violin technique. What amazes me is the easy with which he learns and practices. 

The Parisian Eye

Violin bow

Have you ever wondered what the circled pearl eye on the frog of a bow means?

The nickname for it is the Parisian Eye and it is a purely aesthetic accessory. The eye is made of mother of pearl and the ring surrounding it can be made of gold, silver or some other metal. The name was coined at the beginning of the 20th century but by whom and precisely why remains a mystery. Some claim bowmakers in Britain started using the term because the design originated in France.

3 Easy Tips To Jumpstart Your Music Practice

A few days ago during a practice session I realised I was missing the notes of the piece I wanted to play next. I put down my violin, and started looking for the music sheets. It took me 15 minutes to find them. Putting the music sheets on the stand and taking the violin back into my hands I realised two important things happened. My focus was gone and my hands were not as warm and supple as they were 15 minutes ago. My first thought was: 'I should have prepared the notes beforehand and not waste time looking for them during my practice session!'

I am left-handed and I play the violin!

It was my first violin lesson. I was introduced to my violin teacher, feeling a bit overwhelmed that the big day came. 

One of the first questions the violin teacher asked my mum was 'Is Bibi right or left-handed?' My mum, sensing that this was a tricky answer, responded 'She is left-handed. Is that a problem?' 

Music lesson with your smartphone? Why not!

As a violin teacher I probably would have been horrified had someone suggested to me the use of a smartphone during the violin lesson. But a recent event changed my mine.

Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto You Will Love

We all know Oskar Rieding's popular B minor, op.35 easy violin concerto. However another Rieding concerto especially catche

PlayAlong A Concerto With Your iPad?

Let's Play Concertos app

I was preparing the Mendelssohn violin concerto for my first performance with the orchestra. I was 17 and it was the most exciting thing to happen to me. A dream come true. I will play a violin concerto with the orchestra!!! I already performed the Medelssohn concerto several times at school with my sister Ivana acompanying me at the piano but playing with an orchestra was something special.

Do I need to practice during the weekend?

Max is dreaming!

Hmm...the eternal question!

I always thought weekends are to sleep in late, relax, play football, do nothing! Apparently not!

My violin lesson is on Monday so I have a problem! Last week my violin teacher asked me 'Max, did you practice during the weekend?' Nooooo...I answered. I was busy! On Saturday I played football with my friends, then in the afternoon went to a friend's birthday. On Sunday I got up late and then went with my parents to my aunt and uncle for lunch. That lasted forever!!!! So of course, I didn't have time to practice.

Fritz Seitz - the Schülerkonzerte

Fritz Seitz

The easy violin concertos by Fritz Seitz are a great discovery for me! I have played till now a number of easy violin concertos by Oskar Rieding and Ferdinand Küchler, but was surprised when my teacher gave me a new concerto by a composer I never heard of!

Why Should I Learn An Easy Student Concerto?


Really....why? Why should I learn an easy violin concerto?