04 Ferdinand Küchler Concertino in G major Op.11, I. Allegro moderato

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 Ferdinand Küchler Concertino in G, op.11 is a delightful music piece! The first movement Allegro moderato  starts with a grand opening theme followed by a sweet, catchy 2nd theme. This concertino is a hidden gem and is usually the first student violin concertino beginner violinists play.

Performers are Bibi Pelić, violin and the Atlantis Orchestra Prague conducted by Vitêzslav Podrazil.

An arrangement of the concertino is available for the CelloViolaFlute and Clarinet.


You might be interested in listening to the rest of the concertino...

Ferdinand Küchler Concertino in G, op.11 II.Andante

Ferdinand Küchler Concertino in G, op.11 III.Allegro.Rondo


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Concertino is available as mp3 download and on the Let's Play Concertos app too! 

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