3 Reasons to Play Oskar Rieding's Concertino 'in the Hungarian style'

Oskar Rieding Concertino 'in the Hungarian style'

When my student first heard Oskar Rieding's op.21 Concertino 'in the Hungarian style' from the Let's Play Concertos Album she had a big smile on her face. 'I can play it?' she asked. 'It's awesome!'

Oskar Rieding and Ferdinand Küchler wrote a number of delightful easy violin concertos among which the Concertino 'in the Hungarian style' has a special place.

The Concertino is written in one movement starting with a powerful Andante sostenuto introducing us to the concertino's hungarian style temperament. It is followed by a czardas inspired Allegro moderato. I especially love the orchestra interlude - I call it the singing orchestra part! The concertino continues with the solo violin continuing the czardas (there is a delightful harmonic to be played - probably your first!) only to return to the Andante sostenuto. The concertino ends with a hearty czardas!

Oskar Rieding lived in Budapest for many years, teaching the violin and leading the orchestra of the National Opera House. This concertino is a result of his love and fascination for Hungarian music.

Although the concertino belongs to the easy violin concertos, it is quite virtuoso. The student must have a good command of the 1st and 3rd position as well as a good sense of rhythm. You must also show a strong character in getting the czardas right!

It's a music piece you will enjoy practicing and playing. Your audience will also love it, they will tell you you are a virtuoso violinist, so practice well! 

Here are 3 top reasons to play this concertino, but I can tell you there are many more!

3 Reasons to play Oskar Rieding's Concertino 'in the Hungarian style' op.21 in A minor

  1. Develops sense of rhythm
  2. Improves left hand skills  - 3rd position playing
  3. Builds self-confidence - it's your first virtuoso concertino!


  1. Listen to the concertino on the Let's Play Concertos Album. It is the first and only recording ofthe concertino played by a professional concert violinist Bibi Pelic and the Atlantis Orchestra
  2. Download the concertino music sheets on our website and start practicing
  3. Once you master the concertino download the orchestra play along and play with Max's Virtual Orchestra

Are you ready?