3 Easy Tips To Jumpstart Your Music Practice

A few days ago during a practice session I realised I was missing the notes of the piece I wanted to play next. I put down my violin, and started looking for the music sheets. It took me 15 minutes to find them. Putting the music sheets on the stand and taking the violin back into my hands I realised two important things happened. My focus was gone and my hands were not as warm and supple as they were 15 minutes ago. My first thought was: 'I should have prepared the notes beforehand and not waste time looking for them during my practice session!'

Effective practice needs good preparation. Here are 3 tips I jotted down after practicing that day. Implementing them, the music student can boost practice effeciency and effectiveness.


1. Set your daily goal

Do you have an upcoming concert soon? Or is your music lesson in a few days? What do you want to achieve today?  Decide beforehand what you will practice that day that fits into your short and long term goals. If an idea pops up during your practice period, jot it down quickly and return to your practice. Your practicing will suffer if you change your mind about what to play.


2. Organise your music sheets

Once you decide what music you will work on that day, gather your music sheets and put them in direct order of practice. Looking for music sheets during practice reduces our concentration and focus. Well organised music sheets are essential for a flowless practicing session.


3. Turn off your phone

Yes, we all hang to our phones. So do I. Maybe a friend will send a message, or a funny snapchat might alert your attention. To practice effectively we need to eliminate all distractions. Our phone at that moment is a distraction. It is difficult to answer a message and then return to playing. Our mind loses the practicing thread and getting our focus back takes additional time and effort. Next time practicing, turn off your phone, enjoy your time with your instrument and when you are finished check who's missing you!

Practice well!


Founder of Let's Play Concertos, violin performer and teacher


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